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Manipal University is pleased to announce the establishment of the eprints digital repository of MU. This is a facility which will archive all the published material produced by the faculty. It will also archive synopsis of PhD thesis and Masters thesis (if found suitable). MU faculty have over the years produced important work and this archive will allow public access to this output through the internet. It will also allow faculty across MU to know the work done by their colleagues in other institutions, thereby leading to potential collaborations within the university. It will also facilitate evaluation of the work done by the faculty. Among the advantages of the eprints archive are the following:

For Authors

  • Provides a central archive of their work
  • Increases dissemination and impact of their research
  • Acts as a full CV

For Teaching Faculty

  • The repository can be used to place teaching material on the web
  • The repository also supports classroom teaching

For Institutions

  • Increases visibility and prestige
  • Acts as an advertisement to funding agencies, potential new faculty and students

For Society

  • Provides access to literature produced in the university
  • Ensures long term preservation of the university’s academic output

Content that can be handled by the Repository

  • Scholarly: Research / Teaching oriented
  • Material produced by the faculty, including data
  • Perpetual license: author grants the right to the institution to preserve and distribute the work via the repository

We are pleased to inform you that the test site of this archive is ready. We invite the faculty to access it by typing ‘eprints’ on the address bar from any system connected to the MU network. The access is now only internal and once the full site is operational, it will become available to the public.

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