Entry no. 3 – By the Valentines Day – by Astha Sharma

valentines day contest

Come to me the unsung verse
The secret silence of this heart
And I will sing you
In the perfect tune
Come to me
Through the sobs and smiles
Of that
little girl ,
Who squirms at the calligraphy
Of the newspaper headlines
N wears a red shirt
On February the 14th
Secretly admiring the roses in her garden
Romanticising her solitude ,
With the radio playing ..
Come to me from the sad songs
she sang through
Her heart brakes
from her fantasies ,
Struggle through those splinters
Come unhurt
By the mid of this month
When half the world is wrapped in snow
Come to me from the land
Sleeping beneath the snow
From its utter
Silence and cold
Bespeak to me ,
As the soul of earth
Come to me from the winter games
Flow through these veins
With the rage of the tracks ;
Come to me from
with love ,
Chekhovnian love
Come to me from down south
And Like the gleaming sand of gold coast ,
Bead the pearls of love
In the strings of emotions
Alliteration of the verse
Come to me from
Wild and alive ,
Come to me from all directions
And revive the dying heart
Come to me on
The  14th of Feb.
I d be waiting
Alone, at the coffee table
With a blank page
And dried inkpot
Come by the evening
Serenade in my thoughts
Wring this heart and
Take me back
To the origin
My poetry
I know you are coming
But come by the
Valentines’ day



About the Author: Astha Sharma, a student of KMC, Mangalore. This is a poetry submitted for the Valentine’s Day Contest.

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