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Are you a hostelite? Away from your family this Diwali?

Diwali is the most awaited festival, a festival to look forward to; the subtle lambent of the diyas, the pure spiritual scent filling the air, the sound of the crackers, the mouth-watering food… the list continues.

We hostelites somehow miss all this fun staying away. But don’t be blue about it friends. Why not try something innovative and different this Diwali. Have fun this Diwali with your roommate, your friends, your new family.

If you can’t be at home with your family you can always send cakes to India to let your family and friends know that you are thinking of them this Diwali.

Diwali is all about family, get-togethers, food, shopping, adda and masti. What’s your idea about entertainment on Diwali? Well, here are some suggestions and answers I got in my survey!

  1. The most common reply that we got, especially from the girls was SHOPPING. But definitely with a different shopping list this time. Traditional Diyas, candles, new curtains and how can I forget, the main essence of the entire festival: lights! And everybody is aware that a shopping bag and a filled wallet is the best form of entertainment for any girl. images (1)
  2. Another common reply was friends plus cards plus drinks. All the guys look forward to having a gala time with their friends munching the best food, drinking the best wine and yeah playing cards and fighting over the winning cash all night long.
  3. Orange, yellow, green, blue, all the colors take a beautiful form of the rangoli which make every beautiful flower wonder, question its elegance. Rangoli is definitely an entertainment option for girls. And for all the Mangaloreans you can find all the possible shades of rangoli colors in the Hampankatta, Central market. Go shopping!
  4. For all the movie-freaks, you can catch up with the latest movie on screen, KRISHH 3 to be released on 1st November. Catch the first day first show both at Cinepolis and Bharat Mall at 10.00 A.M.
  5. You can even grab your popcorn or munchies with Pepsi or beer and catch up the India-Aussie one day series match on the 2nd November at noon. After following the matches till date I am pretty sure it’s going to be hell of a match. Go Virat!!
  6. For the religious ones, you can go to all the temples in town to get yourself more into the festive mood. Kudroli, mangaladevi and kardri temples are festooned like a bride as if all the stars have fallen on Mangalore suddenly.
  7. Another interesting reply that I got was playing pranks. Diwali is all about sitting with friends, gossiping and adda. So obviously when too many naughty brains sit together all they can think about is PRANKS! All the readers please do suggest some nice pranks we can play on our friends this Diwali to add more spice to it.
  8. And lastly, the thing without which the festival is incomplete, without which Diwali is wrapped up in silence, without which the youngster cannot even think about the Diwali bash. CRACKERS, available in all possible forms. Blow it up fellas; make this Diwali your best. images

So what if you are away from, so what if we can’t eat home food but you sure can make this Diwali filled with fun and masti and definitely entertaining!

Don’t forget to pool in your ideas and takes on entertainment options for Diwali.

Happy Diwali to everyone from the entire team of Manipal Blog, Mangalore. Enjoy Amigos!

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