Earth can only satisfy our needs not our greed….

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We live in an ecosystem where one individual is indirectly dependent on every other individual and creature. The planet is almost a home for millions of humans and species and has given us enough resources to sustain our life. But is not our duty to preserve these resources and save apart of them for our next generation?

In many parts of our country, especially the rural part of India, suffer from water shortage. The main reason for this is we humans are not taking proper measures to save water. Nowadays, many young people die due to drinking dirty and contaminated water. We the present generation to satisfy our greed is playing with the lives of our future generation.Infant Handpump Water

What can we do? The only solution to the problem we are facing right now is the concept of sustainable development, which means saving the resources of the present to full fill the needs of the next generation. This is one of the most important things at the moment. The government has to make strict laws to preserve water in a proper quantity.M issue of this can lead to more severe conditions.

Every house in the world should adopt the idea of rain harvesting.

In the case of rural India, they should save most of the water as the quality of water there is poor due to lack of development and purifying water techniques.

One recent incident is that which took place in the Uttar Karnataka due to heavy rains. All the dams were full which led to the opening all the gates of the dam and thus overflowing. The excess water of the dam plus the natural rain spoilt the entire situation in the rural part of Karnataka. Most of the house did not have water nor electricity. If the proper conversation of this water was taken at an early stage, this could have saved the lives of hundreds of people. Adequate rainwater harvesting in all houses would have provided them this the water during this hardship.

Being a responsible citizen of this country, we must protect our future generations. Water scarcity is one of the most arising problems and proper steps taken toady can save the lives of millions tomorrow.
As the proverb says, “Sustainable development is the pathway to the future we want for all, “ we all must fulfill our duties in the right way.

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