Earn while you Study – Best online jobs for students

Money plays an important and different role in everyone’s life, especially when you are a student. While in most of the cases, students are highly dependent on their parents for money.

But there comes a time when they would require some extra money in their hands. To overcome this situation, your best bet is to find yourself a part time online job that pays you well and can be done whilst sitting at your residence.

These part time jobs will not affect your studies as they can be completed in your extra time. The best part is that these jobs give you a sense of responsibility and makes you independent.

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To help you our further, I have curated this list of best online jobs that you can consider if you are looking for ways to earn money.

#1. Freelance Content WriterEarn while you Study - Best online jobs for students 1

If you have a flair for writing and have a good command over English language, then this job is especially for you. You can earn good money by signing up yourself for freelance content writing work.

There are many portals where you can register yourself; these portals will offer you ample opportunities for content writing. The best part is that you are not bounded by any kind of agreement.

However, there is a deadline to finish the projects that you will have to adhere to. This online job does not require any kind of financial investment. Example of a portal is Freelancer.in

#2. BloggingEarn while you Study - Best online jobs for students 2

The trend of blogging is on a rise and many have been seen following this trend to earn money.

Blogging is nothing but sharing your opinions about something that you find interesting or you think others might find interesting with your user base.

If you think that you have the ability to express yourself and your opinions and make it engaging, then you should start your own blogging website.

With hard work, dedication and tools such as Google Ad Sense, Affiliate Marketing and more, you can start earning decent amount of money. Star your blog today and witness your rise.

#3. Tutor Jobs

As a student, this is the perfect opportunity for you. You are in your learning stage but there might be a subject you have expertise in. You can use your expertise and teach other by becoming an online tutor.

You can earn a handsome pay from this online job. This online tutoring job not only pays well, but also gives the satisfaction of the imparting knowledge.

Preply is a global platform that helps connect students & tutors from across the world.

There are many portals where you can sign up as a tutor such as BharatTutors, TutorIndia, and more. Students who are interested in learning will contact you through your profile on the portal.

#4. YouTube VideosEarn while you Study - Best online jobs for students 3

YouTube is one of the major revenue generating medium in this modern technology drive age.

Many youngsters are uploading their videos almost every day, slowly and steadily increasing their followers and their revenue.

If you have an interesting idea or topic in mind and you have a smartphone with good quality camera, then you too can start making videos, upload them and make money on youtube.

Another way to monetize your YouTube account is to incorporate Ad Sense on your account. As the views on your videos starts to rise, your followers and your revenue will rise too.

#5. PhotographyEarn while you Study - Best online jobs for students 4

Many youngsters are attracted towards photography.

They buy swanky new DSLRs or expensive smartphones with HD cameras to fulfill their passion of photography.

If you think that you can capture the essence of the world through the lens, then turn your hobby into a revenue generating option.

All you have to do is upload your pictures on websites such as Shutterstock, istockphotos and more.

This online job requires little financial investment and investment of time. Once you have uploaded your pictures on the websites then you can sell them to people who might be interested in buying these photographs.

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#6. Data Entry JobEarn while you Study - Best online jobs for students 5

Data entry jobs are highly popular among college going students who are looking for part time jobs that can fetch them some extra money.

This job is a true-blue online job that can be done from your home without having the need of travelling anywhere.

This job basically requires to correctly and accurately performing entries. The perfect example of such online data entry job is Captcha filling.

This particular job requires solving captcha forms to prevent the website from the spammers. This requires on 3-4 hours of your time and you can earn good money if you solve more.

#7. E-Book Reading

If you love to read books and novels and can spend hours being totally engraved into books, then there is a perfect job for you.

E-book reading is now a part time profession that you can take and earn money while reading books.

Paidbooks.com is actually a website that offers money to people who sign up and read books on their websites.

You can earn Bitcoins on this website and then convert this money to any currency you like. You just need to sign up and make an account and start reading and start earning.

#8. Take the Survey

Online survey answering has garnered a lot of popularity among the college students who wants to earn some easy money without having to leave the comfort of their house.

Many companies sponsor surveys in order to enhance their customer base and provide better services.

To star earning money you have to first find a portal that conduct surveys, register yourself on that portal and start taking the surveys.

These portals not only pay you the amount for the surveys, but in some cases they also hand out vouchers and gift cards. Examples are, Worthyshout Survey Company, SwagBucks and more.


#9. Virtual assistants

As the name suggest, this part time job is all about being an assistant to someone (not to be confused with secretary).

This job will you require you complete the assigned worked by the person who hired you.

All the work will be done virtually and from your own residence. There will be no need to visit the physical locations.

Your work can range from responding emails to updating blogs, from research to making presentations.

There are many portals where you can apply for these jobs such as Frelancer.com and many more. This is good part time option to earn some extra pocket money.

#10. Online Selling

This one is the most unconventional method of earning some extra money. In recent times this method has garnered lot of attention from the college going students.

There are many websites where you can sell your unused items such as phones, laptops, washing machine, sofa or even your car.

There are many buyers on these portals who will give you a good price for you items. Websites such as OLX, Quikr and more have a huge database of buyers which will buy your products in amazing prices.

All you have to do is register yourself, upload the item and information about it and you are all set to sell.

Now you have the perfect ideas to earn get your hands some extra cash when you are facing cash crunch.

These jobs are all online based and they don’t require you to travel to any location. These jobs are all part-time and do not take up much of your time.

These jobs are safe and does not require any kind of investment except for little bit of spare time. So, go ahead and start working and start earning.

About the Author: Ankur Aggarwal is a Digital Marketer, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Blogger, Foodie. Have been blogging since 2010. In 2016 he scored 99.2 percentile in XAT Exam for MBA, left that to pursue his Online business dreams. He has multiple websites but incomeboy.com is his new venture. The purpose of Incomeboy is to pass on 100% accurate and genuine information on making and saving more money either online or offline in India. Write to him at [email protected].

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