Fitness Routines for College Students

fitness routine for college

Why a Fitness Routine?

As a college student, it is a daily requirement to have good health as we need to be in top form throughout the day. It is the dream of every college student to have the body of an athlete and the brain of a nerd. If there was a magic pill that could enhance our body in such a way, we would give any price for it. But the thing about college life is that you can really invest your time in anything, and you will reap the benefits accordingly. There is no one-stop solution for anything. For maintaining a good physique and eventually good health, we need to take some time from our busy schedule.

Start Playing

The first fitness routine is the easiest, but it is the most troublesome to stick to. Pick up any sport that you enjoy playing. This works well for a group of students as sports require a fixed set of people. Cricket and football are the most common sports which attract crowds. Playing competitively increases the effectiveness of this fitness routine.

College students can easily invest in the equipment to play these sports and the hostels have many open grounds. The only problem is fixing a time for everyone to come and play. But if you have a dedicated group, it is the best way to maintain a good physique as well as enjoy the process.

Hit the Gym

The second fitness routine is to hit the gym. Most colleges have their own affiliated health clubs which you can register for. It is relatively cheaper for students who really want to get in shape. Manipal University has MIT Health Club as well as a specialized indoor sports complex called MARENA which can sort out all fitness woes. Still, it becomes a question of how punctual and regular you are to the gym. The more determined you are, the easier it becomes to adjust your schedule to fit in a gym routine.

Pyramid It

If you still cannot find time for working out, there is an exercise routine called the Pyramid. It was endorsed by fitness enthusiasts like Sterling K Brown, and it is one of the easiest and quickest ways to fitness. It involves a series of bodyweight exercises which are repeated thrice daily. Furthermore, it gets easier to finish as you develop your stamina and improve your fitness level. This routine helps you maintain your entire body.

It is all about getting the technique right. For people who regularly work out it will take a maximum of thirty to forty-five minutes. It involves fifty jumping jacks, forty squats, thirty push-ups, twenty butt-ups, and ten burpees. 

It is quite extreme for beginners, but it depends on how many of each exercise you can do. The stamina and technique will build up gradually. The great thing about the pyramid is that it does not require much time and doesn’t specifically require any equipment. It works the entire body and keeps it in good shape.

Eat Healthily

A good diet is also essential for achieving good health. It is important to include all nutrients as our bodies are constantly growing and need to be in good condition for the everyday demands of college. Walking to college and other locations or even renting bicycles can help in keeping our bodies active. Similarly, drinking lots of water is also essential for reducing weight and leading a healthy life.

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