The Drunken Jubilation Night

The in-house Sunburn fest of Manipal, the Dj- night at MIT, is one of the most awaited events in the entirety of Techtatva.
An open air of craziness, the arena outside the NLH building of MIT, just reaches a new height of euphoria this night.
So the whiff of ecstasy enters the moment the speakers are set up, and the audio equipment is connected. The ever- bursting with energy youth hibernating in the hostels of the MIT blocks, just wait for the music to pump up, and sink their teeth into the addiction of music and dance.
The DJs enter the arena with utmost poise, like the saints of music, then, unleash the beasts of rhythm within them. From Honey Singh’s super desi urban rap, to the Alt rock world of Poets of the Fall, people just swoon to the grooves of the drums/ talks and keep their inhibitions to rest .
People sweating, and dancing with their custom made dance moves (these kind you won’t be able to find even in the spiciest Bollywood movies of all time) drunk in their own high of another level, the spirit there is so freaking addicting. All of a sudden, in the female species-bereft zone of this engineering campus, one sees the most beautiful women of the small world in this town, all gathered under one sky of the starry night of smoking hot songs swooning to the beats in the rain dance. Ah the look on the faces of those boys, craving for the sight of one pretty face the entire year, so entertaining!
Its assured if you manage to enter this whacked out fest where people are literally bursting from the seams of the NLH block, you are bound to lose yourself in the bliss of the fun and pure energy of music and human spirit totally. The ambience of the moment was the drug which blended the rainbow of a different kind of love, the one shared by the fun and the happiness between humans, not restricted by caste or creed, and I loved it.
So the next time if you drop by to this University of diversity during this time, make sure you stay till the end of this fest, one of the best organised by any college of Manipal, and delve deep into the life developing with a new zest of the MIT youth and become young again.

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