Dogs protest in front of MIT Chief Warden’s office; attack campus patrol jeep

MANIPAL: Reacting to the circular issued by MIT Chief Warden which asks students to refrain from feeding stray dogs in the campus,all the dogs in MIT campus staged a protest in front of his office urging him to revoke the circular.Many students, especially females joined the protest expressing their solidarity with the dogs.

Where it all began

With both sides refusing to give in,the imbroglio continued for a long time until Chief Warden‘s Office offered a compromise formula. As per it,all the in-campus dogs should register themselves at KC Security Room and the registered ones will be fed the leftover food from all the hostel messes and Food Court.This will be done at Sutta Point outside the campus and the dogs are not supposed to enter the campus.

But dogs rejected the offer and continued their protest.Speaking to  Faking Manipal, Siri-the representative of dogs said,”WTF!! We don’t want that food from hostel messes and FC. Girls from 13th Block feed us with Chicken Pieces from Saiba and Attil apart from the usual Lay’s and cookies. One of the guys at 10th block treated me to Chicken Nuggets and Tuborg beer once…We will miss all this.So we are not going to settle for anything less than revocation of that damn circular.”

Siri further added,”I don’t understand what the hell is their problem.We never attacked anyone in the campus or snatched away food from students.We eat only what is offered to us.”

Students were almost unanimous when it came to criticizing Chief Warden‘s Office in this regard. Maneka Gandhi,an inmate of 13th Block said,”I dunno who complained against them.Dogs are cute,quiet and sweet.They add beauty to the campus.In fact one dog escorts me to the NLH classroom everyday from my hostel.No matter what I am gonna feed them.”

But one guy from 10th Block welcomed the decision.”I had to feed these f**king dogs everyday at KC and act as if I love them..all this to impress my girl.A very good move by authorities.I hope they enforce it strictly.”

The protest turned violent when Campus Patrol men tried to shoo the dogs away.Some of the dogs attacked the Patrol Jeep and Policemen.This prompted Riot Control Force to enter the campus and arrest the dogs.

Police slapped cases of attacking police men on duty and creating nuisance against the dogs and they were put up in Manipal Police Station.

P.S.: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that, didn’t you?  


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