DeeTee owner invited to give talk to IIM-B students

Soon in Bangalore!

Manipal is in the news again. Not because of MIT, KMC or TAPMI. It’s because of DeeTee. The owner of the legendary bar in the town has been invited by IIM Bangalore to deliver branding lessons to its students.

Soon in Bangalore! Image Courtesy: Manipal The Talk
Soon in Bangalore! Image Courtesy: Manipal The Talk

So how did the glory of DeeTee hit the campus of IIM-B? Speaking to Manipalblog, the director of IIM-B said, “I first heard about DeeTee when a couple of our students with Manipal background asked for leave to visit the town. Initially they gave some lame reason but when I grilled further they confessed they want to visit Manipal only for DeeTee. I wondered why they chose some bar in small town when there are so many good pubs here in Bangalore.”

And a few days back when DeeTee announced that they are going to open their branch in Bangalore, he saw Manipal alumni and students going crazy over it online. Then he strongly felt his students should be knowing the story of branding of DeeTee and how it became an integral part of Manipal life.

The owner of DeeTee Ajay Mallya was elated with the invitation from IIM-B. “I am humbled by this gesture. I wholeheartedly dedicate this to my customers,” he said speaking exclusively to ManipalBlog. On being asked what’s the secret of DeeTee’s success, he said, “Very simple. From my end, I kept the prices low. And choice of music is left to customers. These are well complemented by the cool crowd of Manipal.”

We approached Dr. Chowdari Prasad, Dean of TAPMI for his views on the development. He congratulated the owner and said, “Personally I don’t like or endorse alcohol-related businesses. But B-school students can learn how to replicate this story in other businesses and contribute constructively to the country’s economy.”

P.S.: All the facts in this article are made up. But you already knew that. Didn’t you?



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