A Salute to the Women of the World

As is rightly said,that behind every successful man,there’s a woman. But, my question for you friends is, what about
a successful woman?

What is more important for a satisfactory life? Happiness or success? Is every SUCCESSFUL man happy? Or is it that till day, man is given preference in each stage of life, especially in professional fields, despite the fact that women prove to be better professionals than men in many fields.

International Womens day

Hey friends! Whenever I hear these words, “Behind every successful man, there’s a woman”, my mind echoes, why
isn’t there any such statement for women? Are they not considered successful enough?

Give it another deep, introspective thought. Women are overpowering men in many stages of life. They are moving step by step with men in each aspect of life.

Moreover, it’s the women who handle all the household chores as well. It’s women who inculcate all the purity and sacredness in your heart. Is that all?

It is none other than the women folk that bind a relation together by their love, devotion, care and that’s what makes a HOME from a HOUSE. That is what forms a family. NO! My dear friends, it isn’t yet over!

It’s the woman who stands by you whatever the situation might be in. Men generally buzz off in extreme circumstances, but its the women who stand by your side… may it be as your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend or wife.

It’s the women who can tackle any situation with utter ease,and can miraculously hide your pain deep inside her just to see her family happy.

Its your mother, a woman, that instills your nature in you. Its she who molds you to face the outer world.


But still, in many families and places,women are ill-treated, harassed,assaulted and suppressed.

And mind you, the suppression put is due to the unduly dominance of men… but still again, the women keep quiet and humbly swallow everything and portray as if nothing ever happened, just to keep up the decorum of the house.

When today’s men can’t respect their own creator,then what kind of success are they achieving? What would they achieve with this success?

May I know a single reason for this? Why is it so? May I now humbly ask one more question?
Who is more successful? Men? Who don’t respect the equality, the freedom of women? Or women? Who are the angels of god sent on this earth to stabilize everybody’s bizarre life.

Just imagine your life without women. The world without women!  It’s definitely incomplete…

Its she who bears a hell lot pain to bring you in this beautiful world. Do respect these messengers of god. Do take care of them… at the end, just keep thinking… and you’ll finally come to a strategically different conclusion… who is more successful?

Men or women?

Dear friends, the decision lies in your hands. Its we who can change the present scenario for women in this world!! Its our generation.

From my side, it’s a humble, bending salute and a heart filled gratitude to all the women in the world.

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