Dear Sony and Marvel: An Open Letter

Dear Sony and Marvel,

I’m sure I speak on behalf of all fans of the MCU when I say that we understand that at the end of the day, cinema is a business. That when everything is said and done, production and planning comes down to dollars. And while the most of us aren’t clear as to what happened between the two of you, we are heartbroken to see such an intricate storyline on the verge of destruction, such a promising character on the brink of obliteration.

Spiderman already had a name, already had the fame and the story of a superhero. Being in the MCU gave the character a certain beauty. In the MCU, Peter Parker had a home. He had a purpose. He was more than just a friendly neighborhood guy. He was the son Tony Stark never had. The boy who not only looked out for the little guy but looked out for everybody. He was the guy who had Ned’s back. He was the brother; Morgan Stark was going to grow up next to. He was the guy who, even according to Cap’s standards, “had heart.” And don’t we all know, that’s the real benchmark. Spiderman didn’t just fit into the MCU. He belonged there. And he always will.

While most of us are busy shifting blame between the franchises, there are still some of us just wishing for you to agree. The some of us that know, that the funding and revenue collection agreement of the initial, five movie deal which recently came to an end, might not have been exactly fair to either of you. (As per their initial agreement, Sony didn’t get any money for the Marvel movies Spiderman acted in and vice versa. Also, Marvel had a lot of creative/content control over the Spiderman movies that were entirely funded by Sony.) And while we loved Spiderman way before he made his way into the MCU, we can’t stand the thought of him being removed. We didn’t watch Tony Stark save the universe for it to be a Peter Parker-less universe.

So yes, we do understand that cinema also boils down to business. But we hope you know that your business impacted our lives. Peter Parker holds an extraordinary place in our heart, as do the other characters from both of your franchises. So please, come to an agreement. Do whatever it takes. Don’t let Spiderman become just another one who needs to be avenged.

Yours truly,
Peter Parker’s biggest fans everywhere.

Disclaimer: While this an emotional article, it does not intend to point fingers or shift blame. We encourage you to stick to the known facts, instead of paying heed to the multiple rumours circulating on the internet about this matter.

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