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Homesick and Home, Sick.

There’s a difference between being homesick and being home, sick.   It is when you’re sick that you really crave to be home. To be in the familiarity of your own dingy bed, the bookshelf that collects more dust every day […]


Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise proves why he is known as a superstar in the latest action-thriller Top Gun: Maverick. The movie is a reboot of the 1986 original, Top Gun. The original was released during an era before superhero films took over […]

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Places to Visit in the City of Pearls

The capital of Telangana, The Pearl City- Hyderabad– stands tall and proud with its unparalleled flow of history and heritage along with modernity. Ranging from the famous Hyderabadi biriyani and mouth-watering Haleem to the mesmerizing historical monuments and museums, Hyderabad […]



Marvel Comics kicks off the month of April introducing us to a new character- Morbius. Suffering from a rare blood illness, young boys- Michael Morbius played by Jared Leto and Lucien played by Matt Smith- become inseparable like brothers during […]