Cyprus – A Haven for Retirement

Did you ever think of retiring in Cyprus? It’s a much more attractive choice for retirement than you probably realize. Are you aware that many people from the northern parts of Europe are extremely keen to retire here? Have you ever wondered why? Let’s try to find out.

The main reason why people from northern Europe are drawn to Cyprus is because this is one country that offers them the kind of climate they simply love. The typical climate of Cyprus consists of long summers and winters that are fairly mild.

If you consider that there’s also not much rainfall and glorious sunny weather for as many as 320 days in the year, you know you’re definitely onto something good here.

If you are looking for a better quality of life, then Cyprus could be the place for you. Living here, you would have the idyllic climate to call your very own. And that’s apart from the breathtaking scenery, which includes a picturesque countryside and miles and miles of sandy beaches.

Add to that a beautiful coastline and you’ll begin to realize how fortunate you are to retire in such a wonderful place. It seems to have just about everything you could possibly need to live well.

If the natural beauty of this place does not leave you suitably impressed, remember that you will also find a wide range of leisure activities here. Whether you are keen on 18 hole golf courses, health clubs, water parks or tennis clubs, you may find it hard to believe, but you’ll find them all in Cyprus.

In short, as far as sports and leisure activities go, the country seems to have all the facilities you could possibly conceive of. Which also means that you will have more than enough to keep you busy as a retired person, or otherwise. And naturally this will be a big plus, whether you are a holidaymaker or a full time resident of Cyprus.

In case you are not sure whether Cyprus would be a suitable choice for retirement, you could make a short visit to check out the place, observe the lifestyle, look at property etc. It’s unlikely that your uncertainty will last for too long!

You’ll find that Cyprus will offer you a high standard of living, on a par with European standards. If you ever had any doubts about retiring here, that by itself should tell you a lot.

And then again, you’ll have other major advantages living in Cyprus, apart from the abundance of natural beauty. One of these is the low crime rate, which amounts to 1/6 of the European average. This makes it a perfect place to live and raise your kids. As a retired person, you should also feel secure knowing that the country is safe, by and large.

If you like what you’ve heard so far, you’re in for a surprise – there’s some more news for you. It’s quite possible that you are already overwhelmed by all that Cyprus has in store for you.

But what would you say if you also heard that this is a place where the cost of living is low? It gets better and better, doesn’t it? Too good to be true, perhaps – but it is true. In many parts of Cyprus, the cost of housing is far below what’s considered average in Europe. So is the cost of food and most household goods. So there you are – scenic beauty, a wide range of leisure activities, relative safety and a low cost of living. What more will it take for you to make up your mind?

Maybe you’ve already waited too long. There isn’t much to hold you back now. This certainly is one golden opportunity. Don’t let it slip away – such things don’t come too often!

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