CSE IT and CCE – Course and Placements

So, guys, we’ve been getting a lot of doubts regarding the branches CSE IT and CCE.

So I’ll explain the difference, the placements, course, teachers, etc. here.

At MUJ all these three branches, CSE IT and CCE – come under SCIT that stands for School of Computing Information Technology.

Starting with the course, the course syllabus for CSE IT and CCE is mostly the same, a few subjects differ, but the core of all the departments is more or less the same. So the difference in subjects isn’t a big thing unless and until *YOU ONLY ARE CONCERNED WITH THE COURSE*.

Talking about the teachers, MUJ has a mixed batch of average and brilliant teachers for every branch equally (be it CS  IT and CCE) since they are under the same department the teachers are distributed evenly. While some teachers are just concerned about the course or subject in the class, the others are very active towards projects and research work, and they try to indulge every student who has a scope to learn, now once you know the teachers it’s on you which teacher you follow for what purpose.

Knowledge and Scope of the stream, these both factors aren’t really dependent on the type of teachers or the branch or the course it depends on what you do with yourself after the college hours. Once you’re in college, there is a lot of time and opportunity after the college hours, there are technical clubs which take classes weekly (the seniors teach). In these kinds of classes, you get a start and understand different fields. It’s on you that you waste your time or learn new things. College provides complete support when it comes you doing things on your own, eg. they provided us Coursera accounts with free access to all the courses. It’s own you how you use the opportunities.

Before placements, comes internships, in MUJ we have a club IAESTE, that brings offers from foreign universities and companies. Also, many of us use Internshala (an online platform) to apply for internships. And don’t worry if you aren’t able to grab an internship in the first year, you can work on projects as well. Also, the first year is for brushing up yourself before you move forward, do that, and from the second year things like internships, projects will become easy.

Finally, the placements, considering everything the placements at MUJ are pretty decent, avg packages are around 5-6L, and if you are skilled at a particular field then you’ll get higher packages, I’ll add an article written by one of our seniors who has given a detailed info about the placements in the past years.

To name a few big companies, we had Microsoft visit us this academic session 2018–19 and they recruited 12 students as potential employees after having their 6-month long internship. 9 from the CSE department and 3 from the IT department were selected. Then we have Dell, this company uses a different methodology for recruitment. They obviously have interviews, but first, they organize a Hackathon to cut the mass. Both of these companies have a starting package of 14–15 lakh and 8–10 lakh per annum, respectively. We had Amazon recruit one student in the year 2017–18. He bagged a package of 27 lakhs. He later chose to work at BYJU’s. Now if we go for the package value, the highest till date has been 48 lakh for one of the best seniors I met, he was from the IT department. Another one that I know of is a 20 lakh software developer job in the US (I don’t recall the company name, will let you know) and he is from CCE. We also have Directi, maybe the company which is the most difficult to get into. And if you can crack their interview and offline coding rounds, you are looking at some 20–28 lakh per annum package. Many other companies and startups come for recruitment with packages like 4–8 lakh per annum, but I hope you will be targeting the big shots 1f642🙂 Now all of these are for Computer Science branches.


About the author: This post is taken from a similar post in the MUJ Fresher group and is written by Tarush Gupta.

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