‘Crushingly crushed’?

Crushes! Everyone has one! If you don’t have, you’re lying.

After all it’s a ‘crushingly crushing’ feeling to have a crush. Teenage is that time when you can easily be smitten, for however short a span that may be. Be it on just one glance of some cute look or a 5 min stare at a sexy smile. It’s not that you want to be with that person, it’s just that, “Yeah, you like him! That’s it!” Having a crush doesn’t mean you are dying for that person. It’s just a sign that yes your hormones are working. Everybody has a story of his/her first crush.

They are memories forever etched  in a person’s heart. If you actually crushingly got crushed by him/her, they are meant to be shared, right? So here’s my story! I do not intend to attract the attention of the person and from now on MANY details are made-up, so my first crush- please do not feel special even if you find out that it’s you because I am over it now!

It was one fine sunny day in the month of May. My first day at a completely new educational institution. The pain of leaving my old academic hub and the joy of starting it all over again made me immune to the bright sun rays beaming on my hand as I sat on the window seat of that yellow coloured bus no. 12 that was all set to start at 12.00pm once the juniors arrived.

11.30am: It was the first day of a new standard and hence, dismissal was so early. After having the deliciously perfect ‘mummy-made parathes’ and after fulfilling the revenge of that driver on those seats, me and my so called “ seat-crime partner” decided to step out to take a walk in the ecological world. I was too busy focusing my eye-lens at some distant unidentified object outside my window pane from in between those iron bars when she shrugged me heavily and said, “oye chal na, we’ll explore this new place”.  Now that I was back into the reality, I got up and followed her. Just then, that moment came when you feel that your first ever cell-phone is not in your hands anymore; my heart skipped a beat and it was nearly going to stop when my fingers checked my skirt pockets and found it. I quickly grabbed it out to check if it was the same as it was some minutes ago. I pressed the red end power button on my Tata Indicom phone to check out the time when I saw a shadow on my feet. I looked up. Those big magnified ‘specky’ eyes! That’s all I can remember from that moment. In the next  minute I realized I was in his way to the end of the bus-seat. I moved aside for him to cross. My partner witnessed the whole scene from the bus-cabin. Before he came out and I had to face him again, I hurried down the bus and signalled her too.

For the next five minutes, I had to tolerate her laughter that made the poor birds on those trees scare their hell out and fly away into the endless sky.  I was awestruck and embarrassed that whole time. She then teased me that “Poor fellow, he waited for so much time when you were in your cell-phone world.  Neither did he tell you to move nor could you take your eyes off when you saw him standing.” Damn! I was crushingly crushed, when for the first time I realized he was my first crush. And as far as my current “crushes” are concerned, let them be a mystery because afterall crushes are more beautiful than any relationship- no worries, no relationship, no commitment. Just look at your crush and smile like an idiot. 😉 Keep getting crushed, and stay tuned. Do you have memory of your first-crush? Send them to me at [email protected] or [email protected].

source: google images
source: google images


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