Are Cosmetic Companies Fooling You? Here’s How You’re getting SCAMMED!

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We are surrounded by countless beauty and makeup addicts. There are some best-kept secrets in the billion-dollar cosmetic industry. Secrets it doesn’t want you to know. You will be able to make an informed choice about a cosmetic product if you learn about these secrets.

There are many synthetic chemicals in personal care products we use on our skin that we are unaware of. Not all ingredients we use on our skin are safe. Our bodies are slowly deteriorating, aging faster, and worst of all, our health is being damaged.

That is why today we will spill all the beans and let you know the truth that beauty companies are hiding you for years. Our goal is to let everyone know the toxic things hidden in our skincare, make, and personal care products. Ultimately, our skin is our largest organ – and everything we apply over it, goes in!

5 ways you are getting fooled by the biggest cosmetic brands

Natural products aren’t really natural

How many of you bought natural skincare products by going over your budget? Mostly everyone, right? Well, that is why this is our first point to discuss so that you don’t spend your money on products that aren’t natural but are only sold by the name.

Have you ever gone through the ingredient list behind your favorite natural skincare product? Well, if you haven’t, pick up that box and read it out loud. Are there any names that sound chemical? Search them on Google and find out their uses. If your product is all-natural, then what is the purpose of adding so many chemicals to it and making it all synthetic?

If your product has a natural key ingredient and there are various chemicals present in it to preserve it, then you are getting fooled by the name of an organic skincare product.

How to know whether your beauty product is all-natural other than checking its ingredient list?

  • Firstly, see if it has a long or short shelf life. As natural products do not last for long, they won’t have a shelf life of 2 or 3 years unless there is a preservative added to them. Yes, there are natural preservatives also, but even they don’t keep the product from expiring till that long. In a few words, all-natural skincare won’t have a long shelf-life.
  • If your product is natural, it will change its color, texture overtime when it is opened. However, don’t worry about its efficacy as it will work fine until its mentioned expiry date.
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SPF infused skincare and makeup

There are various SPF-infused cosmetic products available in the market nowadays, but are they worth your money? Well, the honest answer is NO! Have you ever bought such a product? If yes, then it would be so disheartening to hear, that it is of no use. SPF infused products do not have SPF more than 25. Why? As the companies are attracting you to buy SPF-infused to give you extra protection against sun despite the fact that it won’t work. As we all know, using SPF below 30 is of no use.

So, the solution is, don’t get fooled by SPF-infused makeup as it will only cost you several bucks more than the normal one. Instead, invest in a good sunscreen with SPF more than 30 in it.

Everything that smells good isn’t actually good

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The first thing everybody notices in skincare, makeup, or personal care products is its fragrance. As we all know, natural products do not have excess amounts of fragrance and when they are processed into something, they lose it completely. All the products that aren’t natural contain artificial fragrances produced from different types of chemicals that are even toxic in nature. If you are buying a product just because it smells good, then you are making the biggest mistake.

However, if you have bought a product that claims to be natural and has a strong smell, go through its ingredients list and search about them on Google. If it has any essential oil for fragrance, then you have got the right product, otherwise, you have just wasted your money on a chemical-loaded nasty skincare product. Products that contain essential oil blends bulk tend to smell wonderful and have other benefits too.

Expensive products aren’t always the best

This has been a debate for a long time now that expensive things are always better. However, not always. If you are a knowledgeable shopper and possess the habit of checking the ingredients list before buying any product, then most of the time you must have found the same ingredients in a product costing $10 and $50. The difference is just the brand name.

Yes, if you want to buy a product of a particular brand only, then there’s no issue but if you are buying because of the above-stated myth, then invest in the cheaper one. What is the benefit of paying $40 extra for the same product? You can also buy handmade products that come in custom cosmetic packaging to gift to your loved ones or just to pamper yourself.

They are hurting animals

You must have heard about vegan and cruelty-free products, haven’t you? Well, that’s where you should invest your money. A cruelty-free product basically means that it has not been tested on animals. A vegan product means that it does not contain any animal product. It is not necessary that a cruelty-free product is always vegan or vice-versa. Vegan products might be tested on animals or a cruelty-free product might contain ingredients derived from animals.


So, these were the 5 ways the cosmetic industry is fooling everyone out there. Now that you know the truth, invest your money wisely and in products that will do you good.

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