Confessions of a Dangerous mind…

Just lift the veil of my
Suave exterior
And peep behind that
Righteous manner.

Look close enough – only to find
Candid confessions of a dangerous mind.

It’s not the same persona-
When I could just be
Anybody else except me.

It defies every human logic
When I wish I could fight
The left side of my right.

It’s the edge of every reason-
When I wish I could just lack
Every white shade of black.

It challenges every myth-
When I wish I could wrong-
The contradictory yin and yang.

I confess that I wish
I were the evil, the wicked-
Or the ghost in the thicket
Or the unsparing tyrant
Or the deluded current.

If only these things I could be
I’d pull myself faraway from me.
Just lift my flimsy veil-
I fight life and never flow.

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