A Complete Guide to Life Insurance- Types and Benefits

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Life insurance is an official contract between an insurer and a policy owner. Life insurance ensures that the insurance company pays the assured sum to the added beneficiaries in case of the policyholder’s demise in exchange for premiums paid by the policyholder.

Types of Insurance:

Many types of life insurance are available depending on the needs and preferences of the people. The choice depends on whether somebody wants short-term or long-term Insurance. The two types of life insurance are:

  1. Term insurance lasts only a certain number of years. The policyholder can choose the term of the year while taking it. These are affordable enough for any person who wishes to opt for them.
  2. Permanent Insurance is active for the insured’s entire life and ends only if the policyholder stops making payments or surrenders the policy.

Things to Remember About Life Insurance

  • As mentioned above, life insurance is designed to pay death benefits to the policyholders if the insured dies.
  • For the contract to remain in force, it should be made sure that the policyholder pays a single premium upfront or regular premiums over time.
  • The named policy beneficiaries will receive the face value or death benefit when the insured dies.
  • Term life insurance expires after a few years, but the permanent one remains active until the insured’s demise.

Benefits of Life Insurance

Most people get life insurance to provide the beneficiaries with money after the insured’s death. There are many benefits that life insurance offers. Some of them are:

  • Income replacement for years of lost salary.
  • It helps you pay off your home mortgage and other debts, such as loans.
  • Provides funds for kids’ college education.
  • Assists with other obligations, such as caring for aged parents.
  • Life insurance is often bundled with different types of protection, such as disability insurance.

What to Go Through Before You Buy Life Insurance

By law, the insurer should give you a proper product disclosure before you buy life insurance. Therefore, make sure you already know about the following:

  • What is covered, and what is excluded under the policy.
  • What type of personal or generic information must be given to the insurer?
  • Be very aware of the premiums and how they change over time.
  • Understand how a claim is made and the waiting periods before a claim.
  • How and where are complaints about the claims process or decisions taken?


Life insurance gives you the comfort and peace of mind that you and your family have the support you need. Many people find it overwhelming to think about life insurance because they feel it is a cover for after the insured dies. However, there is Insurance that one can use at any time, whether it is a job loss or an injury due to an accident.

In fact, without life insurance coverage, loved ones might have to alter their lifestyle if unexpected incidents occur. Hence, it is always better to have support in your hands because what’s said is true-taking precautions and being prepared beforehand is not a bad idea.

Interested in exploring more about life insurance? Check out this comprehensive guide on the various types and benefits available web link.

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