Companionship – A Quest of Life by Mridushi

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Mridushi | Guest Blogger

It is said that we come alone and depart alone, no one stays. But this mortal being never really understands this. There is always a quest for finding a true companion. There is forever a desire to have someone by your side through thick and thin. A shoulder to weep in times of despair, a hand to hold on during the stormy tides of life. A man of poverty is rich if he has a hand to support and travel through the vicious and virtuous cycles of life. In the lives of rural people nothing is constant. A farmer faces persistent challenges.

There are days of agony, days when there is no yield or no roof to support life. Worse are the days when earning a morsel of rice becomes tough, one unfortunate seasons is all it takes for this destruction; then it’s only the support of a companion that helps to strive. It is the support of a friend, a partner which helps the farmer endure these hardships. A complete support of someone to water the plant of hope. It is not the materialistic things that we needs, they are just the ingredients to survival but it’s the companionship that gives us reasons to live.

Medications may heal the wounds externally but internal grieving needs a touch of compassion and affection.

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