College Road Map: Health, Furniture and Essays

Health Issues

Your health is very important. When you are in college it is especially important to pay attention to health concerns and health risks. The following pages discuss health issues facing many college students. This is meant for information and discussion purposes only, and if you have concerns about your health you should seek professional advice and counsel.

Cheap Furniture

One thing to remember is this. You are a college student which means, that you are going to have little to no money to work with. That money will have to stretch a long way. However, you so need a bed, a bookshelf and other furniture to make you feel like you are at home.

College Admissions Essays

So you have decided which colleges to apply to and you are now in the process of filling in all the blanks.  You are just about done and in small print you realize you have to write your first college essay, before you even get to college.  Relax, it is not that hard.  One tip is pay attention to the guidelines the college has set out for you. If the word count says to be between 200 and 300.  BE SURE IT IS BETWEEN 200 AND 300.  Some colleges will think you do not know how to follow direction and will not even look at your essay.  Which significantly hurts your chances at acceptance.  In this case, more does not mean better.  It means you are unable to follow directly stated directions.

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