Coffee Craze


Manipal is one place where you will appreciate a gift of nature called coffee. Be it the long endless nights before an exam or the morning after a heavy night of drinking. The coffee consumption reaches its peak during the exam season when the ‘Fresh and Honest’ outlets seems to be more crowded than the movie halls. While some people may believe this coffee craze to be just a fad for many like me its a means to survive, without which I would probably be sleeping in most of my lectures and labs. Not to mention failing them too. Thank heavens for the Aztecs for discovering the world’s most consumed beverage.
Long Live the Coffee Bean!!!!!!


  1. Long live coffee beans..Coffee is like one boost up for all manipalities… Its an elixir!!! When you just walk around the campus, you ll find many "fresh n honest" outlets..And the strong intoxicating, irresistable and luring smell of coffee tempts you so much….
    Sitting in the balcony or stairs or even terrace where ever you are…Its just one cup of strong coffee that makes your day!!!

    Enough said..Enjoy your coffee..

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