‘Nano’-1 lakh Rs. car by TATA, has been a matter of considerable debate in these days.
And why shouldn’t be?Its long awaited arrival is stretched even more- till the end of this year.As far as I know, the interior of newcomer are more specious than few already existing market kings.It can be presumed with a good amount of certainty that the ‘nano’ is going to cover the ‘macro’ part of the Indian roads within no time of its arrival.Middle sociooeconomic status people make the bulk of the Indian population and their dreams of owing a car seem to come true with this big bang (or small bang-as the name suggests!!).But with not-so-good infrastructure of roads and traffic system , increasing number of cars -that too up to big extent- may create problems.And of course, already existing fuel deficiency is going to touch sky with entry of multiple copies of this new child.Anyway one car more-or-less is not going to make any difference and so I am planning to owe one!!;-) what say?And in manipal , I don’t happen to travel long distance so recurring fuel expense is also not going to create problems.

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