Sticky Weather!!!!!!!!

This is the worst time of the year in Manipal. With University’s around the corner and the weather not aiding the situation either it becomes even more difficult for the students. This weather is the most draining part of the year in Manipal and the libraries are seen more crowded than usual with people coming in just to cool off. the Cafe Coffee Day’s and the ice cream parlours also do better business. There isn’t any point having a bath also as you start sweating as soon as you get out anyway and washing your hair is a complete waste of time because the oilness will be back in a day. Labs coats become more difficult to wear than usual and you seem to be perpetually dehydrated. A couple of handy tips for this weather:

1)Always carry a bottle of water with you. You never know when you might get dehydrated.
2)Carry an umbrella with you unless you want the top of your head to feel like a frying pan.
3)Apply sunscreen of minimum SPF 30 to avoid getting tanned or sunburn.
4)Try to wear cotton as far as possible.

Here’s hoping these tips will come in handy.


  1. Nice tips Neha!! Also it is a good idea for men to wear undershirts. The key here is lightweight fabrics (cottons, linens, seersucker), a slightly looser fit, and light colors. Not so loose that you’re swimming in your clothes a la Kris Kross, but enough so that your body can breathe and you won’t get sweat stains where the sun don’t shine.

  2. :).. I can very much agree to the weather conditions being similar down here in Kerala as well. The March – June period is when the Malabar Coast experiences the most humid climate in the year. Showers won't cut it. The tips are very much handy.

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