Christmas Parties: Integral Part of Celebrations

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Christmas is the festival that symbolises the birth of Jesus Christ who spreads the message of love and hope. Earlier, people enjoyed this festival with cultural activities and small events that had a semblance to the atmosphere of Christmas of Bethlehem. The trends of celebrations have slowly changed over the years, with the arrival of the contemporary lifestyles. In the late 1950s to mid 1960s Goa was a paradise to the hippies on the travellers- trail who recognised the area’s special vibe and potential as a party destination.

This was that crucial time when the parties become a special feature of the state. Youngsters had a good time with the latest rock music and dancing troupes. Many are so engrossed in the party atmosphere that they have forgotten the real meaning of Christmas. Christmas celebration is welcoming baby Jesus, Parties and all is not the ideal manner of welcoming Lord Jesus.

I feel that attending the midnight mass on December 24 is more apt than going out for the disco parties. ‘During the end of the month of December, Goa witness majority of domestic as well as foreigners flocking to Goa in order to enjoy the Christmas season. It is widely believed that visitors have a rollicking time in Goa. Spontaneously, adding, Yes, of course, teens will be affected since there is a ban implemented on beach parties. Thus, they have to take extra precautions and also the security should be tightened. This does not mean that we should not enjoy.

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