“Chicken” out Ko Ko Ko

It was at the suggestion of one of the two guys that I went to Ko Ko Ko in the first place. This particular individual (who prefers to remain unnamed), will be made to pay dearly for having talked us into it. He spoke of how there was a new kind of burger there. Something called the Bulldozer. He said it had thick slices of chicken where the bun was supposed to be. You know what that meant? THREE slices of chicken- two at either end and one at the center. Although I had heard about how pathetic a place it was, this latest addition to their menu brought to light a new sensation of tasteful extravaganza I just HAD to behold! Scrimmaged some cash together, found my keys and ho! The three of us were off of an adventure of discovery and wonder.

When we finally got there, I could not contain myself after having seen signs outside, advertising the seemingly infallible entity that was the Bulldozer.

The first thing that hit me when I walked in was the nauseating smell of what I think was Chicken Fat in the air. Making my way through all the smoke, I managed to reach the counter and quickly look through the menu. I ordered for the ridiculously overpriced Bulldozer and some Chicken Nuggets. When it finally arrived at our table, it was wrapped in aluminum foil and placed neatly in a basket.

I don’t know if it was the oil in the air, but that first bite tasted like I was drinking Sundrop through a straw! The chicken was okay; not overdone. But the stuff in between slices was killing the whole effect. The chicken nuggets were no less. Felt WAY too soft to be chicken- don’t even know what it was.

All in all. The place is wasting away its proximity to KMC’s hostels. The ambience was disappointing. The food drab and poorly made. Shockingly overpriced and way too big (considering it was just the three of us there).

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