Froth on top

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For those of you who love more than just beer, this would be a great hangout spot. Not really a restaurant but it has a separate area for family dining. Just around the corner from juice junction, lies this little cosy pub in the form of a cottage houses a few of Mangalore’s finest dishes cooked to perfection and just waiting to be famished.

Although a small place, it’s always full at any time of day. Their customers range from office workers to college students and sometimes keep you waiting for a table.

Froth on top offers a decent menu which includes continental, Mangalorean special, Italian and Chinese dishes constituting a variety of chicken and pork items.

Some of the delicious meals served are:

Mushroom chicken, Hunan chicken, chicken nuggets, biryani, burgers, steaks, prawns on toast also a popular starter,spicy sausage pasta for spice lovers, sausage corn hash which is covered with mayo, delicious Keema rice, and chicken ghee tawa fry which could also be the ‘brother’ of your ideal Mangalorean ghee roast, pork dishes like Goan pork.

They also have a great breakfast menu with poached, scrambled eggs etc.

It’s a great place for beer lovers. Young or old, this is a great hangout for a swig. They also have the most freshly squeezed orange juice which is really refreshing after a long day.

They have reasonable rates and very good service although at rush hours you’ll have to wait quite a while for your food to turn up. Otherwise it’s got a great ambience with the 90s music playing in the background which gives a good relaxed feel.images (3)

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