Arabian Delights – Danish

Now we all love Middle Eastern food don’t we? Who can resist the tempting spicy waft of those juicy tandooris and irresistible shawarmas as you pass by Danish Creek? It’s simply unavoidable as they have branches in every corner of Mangalore.

Offering a variety of Chicken and Mutton dishes, be it Grilled, kebabs, shawarmas, short eats, Gravies and even Biriyani they have it all. This chain of restaurants is probably the most popular in and around Mangalore having customers flocking in at any time of the day!

Out of the wide selection range of its menu the most sought after items are;

Chicken Meat only Shawarmadownload (3)

Chicken Tikka Shawarmadownload (1)

Chicken Plate Shawarma

Al-Fahm Chicken

download (2)

Hummus with Kubboos

Butter Chicken

Mutton Biriyani

Chicken Dum Biriyani

Mutton Keema Samosas especially during Ramazan

And much more.

They also have a variety of combos available at their City Centre outlet. The service here is pretty fast, but on weekends especially you might want to be early since it gets packed quickly. Overall the rates are affordable, be it for a quick bite or a filling meal, you won’t be disappointed!


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