Change doesn’t change.. Everything else does!

Today in my city, i wandered around looking for my new work location. Yes, every now and then in my life, there is change. There’s so much change, that change seems to be the only aspect that doesn’t change! Change doesn’t change… Everything else under the sun does! But i think the serenade of my life is getting set to this lifestyle where you don’t know whether your tea is going to be black or green the next morning. In fact you don’t know whether you’ll get a cuppa tea at all.

Anyway, some people sometimes (or should i say most people most of the times) do things in life that they absolutely detest. We do it so regularly, that it grows into us like creepers on the trees. This whole phenomenon can get really creepy that way. It always baffles me how civilization has reached this state where everybody knows what is right and still everybody does wrong just because everybody else does! Whatever happened to individuality. Why are most successful people loved, respected and praised only after they become huge and not through out their journey? Most people struggle to reach that height, after which all their deeds become stories and fables, told by the same people who tried pulling them down on their way up!

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Why can’t we support our folks on their way up, so no one would have to struggle so much. Half the energy is used for standing up and raising a strong voice against the million weak but united voices, and then the remaining half goes into the real deal. If this huge obstruction of the narrow-minded, herd-mentality-possessing society was off the charts, just imagine the heights people can achieve by focusing only on their work and living their dreams peacefully.

Standing up for a cause without support is so difficult today. For every two legs that stand, there are a million spreading out on their way to trip them down. For every hand raised, there are many more reaching for their neck. For every bold thought voiced, there are a gazillion shrewd shrieks. Still, we try, we strive…. why? Because somewhere we still nurse this hope that if the world can come from 100 to 0, it can probably go from 0 to 100 too! What goes around comes back around, they say.

Life likes throwing surprises on our regular path and we have to learn to receive them well, instead of carrying on by dodging those, because if you don’t learn to receive, some day life will get tired of playing around and hit you hard!!! So with this thought, i sign off this week, hoping to hear that little voice growing inside you, to see a new hand raising in the crowd and a new pair of legs trying to stand out.

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