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Eid Mubarak

There is something about growing. When you are young , you want to become an adult as soon as possible. But once you are old, you want to regain your youthful looks. But there are some things which are timeless.

Which are the best and the Worst Airlines in the world?

The Good and the Bad Airlines

Manipal can boast of a very young and vibrant population. They are all young smart students who are ambitious and adventurous and will sure travel abroad in future. While we discuss international travels, a question that invariably pops up is


The Unsung Heroes

Last night I received an extraordinary compliment. We had a walk- in from TAPMI. Now walk-in in our jargon means a takeaway ordered by the customer by coming personally to the restaurant. This youngster, a young MBA aspirant was waiting

Art & Literature

My Musical Journey

Bhartahari, that eminent poet of the yore, once famously described any person who has no interest in music as a cow without a tail and horns. Unfortunately my grandfather thought otherwise. He felt that anyone listening to Pop Music was