Antenna - a short story 1
Short Stories

Antenna – A Short Story

Deep inside the anthills near the well, there was an outrage among the black ants and the red ants. It was about who among them was more hard-working and contributed more to their society. The media attended all the court

Grayscale photo of concrete wall
Short Stories

The Walls

Groveling chalk. Blistering skin. Chipping nails. Damping cement. Patterning faces. The squeamish white rectangular block in front of his eyes is nauseating. The shadowing grey at the top corners of the rough rectangle was daunting with its lack of light.

The hammer lady
Short Stories

The Hammer Lady

The Hammer Lady is a work of fiction, please do not go further if you have issues with gore and violence. Today the people of Kalibari have decided to have a small puja for lord Kali on the auspicious day