Carvings , The first year memory!

Entering the practical lab, with confidence on your face , excitement in your heart ,a goal in your mind. There you see your new classmates , with whom you’ll be spending the next 5 years of your life. The wax carving seemed fun during the start , but sadly it was just the start! The wax blocks looked soo interesting. A lot of murmurs around ‘what is this thing?’ ‘ How will we be using this?’ ‘ Are we going to make tooth out of wax?’ All excited faces looking around.

Then comes the professors , with just 2 things , ‘wax block and some instrument.’

‘Just 2 things and we will make tooth models out of this?’ All curious faces with the question!


Then we make pyramids ,which look easy but for sure ‘looks are deceptive.’ 2 pyramids to be submitted , but , for the final approval we end up making ‘n’ number of pyramids. Then when finally the pyramids are done we take a sigh of relief! But, alas it was no relief.  The geometric figure 2 looked easy , but as our last experience , we dint expect it to be. Then comes the tooth models and the back to back viva every week!  From central incisors to the 2nd molars , mandibular maxilla both!

Go to the professors to submit it ,here they break it and its accepted! The heart breaking moment but with immense happiness of it being accepted. Days pass ,months pass , finally we realise its our last carving to be submitted! Speeding up the carving just to be done with it asap. Here , we submit our last tooth model and leave the lab  with smiling faces!

Our last carving of the year or to be said our lives was to be done for our final universities! All tensed up , which tooth ? which tooth? And here we get a canine , the easy 1! Happily we do it and submit the last carving of our life! And then it was over! Finally over!

Presently we somewhat do miss the carvings , but are glad that its over! A good experience of doing stuff with a wax block. A feeling of an architect!

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