Does your car need its chip tuned?

The career decisions which you take will have a large impact on your life.
The career decisions which you take will have a large impact on your life.

More and more cars today, contain small programmable computers to monitor the engine performance, including ignition, injection and emission control. These computers as most computers do have a chip to perform their functions. When we need the engines to perform at their optimum, we may need to get the computer chip tuned. Chip tuning, as it is referred to , involves altering the state of the memory chip in the electronic control unit of your automobile. This is done in a way so as to get the best possible performance from your car. Chip tuning helps to get more power from your engine or to see that your vehicle is more environment friendly and gives more value for the money you spend on fuel.

The vehicles we purchase from our auto dealers are usually tuned to give the best possible of all three components from the engine, for majority of the users. However some of us would like to get more power from our cars rather than optimum fuel efficiency. Chip tuning via an additional electronic control device ( OBD-tuning), helps to increase power from the engine.

The guys at manufacture such Electronic control devices that allow you to get the maximum power from your car engine. Cars with a turbo fitted can have the requested and allowable boost levels raised, these applications usually have the most effect if the turbo fitted is a low pressure turbo which leaves the most room for improvement.

Race Chip chiptuning can be done as and when you want it and when you are ready to sell your vehicle, simply remove the extra component before selling it. They claim that the feature is completely untraceable and can be used in your next vehicle. Depending on how you use your vehicle, you can adjust your Race Chip the way you want it. There are three settings depending on whether you want performance, fuel efficiency or a combination of both adjusted to your requirements.

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