Calorie Reduction Dieting Tips

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Nowadays, you will hardly find anyone who is not concerned about keeping a check over the calorie intake to prevent weight gain/reduce the body weight.

Are you also very keen on reducing the calories consumed? If yes, then this article is for you! Here, you will read about some key dietary tips that will help you to realize the goal of maintaining the ideal body weight. So, continue reading and benefit from the tips!

  • Avoid the nuts:

    No doubt, all varieties of nuts contribute to your health in no uncertain terms. But, for calorie reduction, it is advisable that you stay from the nuts, as just a single cup of the nuts has a high calorie count.

This count ranges between 150 and 200 and thus, you are better off fully eliminating them from your diet, for the time being.

  • Don’t have food while watching TV:

    Well, if minimizing calorie intake is your priority, then help yourself by staying away from your TV, while you have the food. A leading study clearly points out that people tend to consume about 290 extra calories when they watch TV and simultaneously have their meal!

  • Have small meals more often:

    You take in less number of calories if you have several small meals spread across the day. On the other hand, if you have just 2 or 3 large meals, the calorie consumption will be very high. You will then be unable to lose the extra pounds.

The frequent meals make sure that you are not hit with abnormal cravings for food. But, when you have a meal after several hours, the pangs of hunger are very severe and you hence overeat.

  • Have a small meal in the night:

    If you want overall calorie reduction, it is vital that your last meal of the day, before bedtime, is small. The body metabolism slows down during sleep and at that point, very few calories get burnt.

But, you can have a slightly heavy breakfast as your activities of the day can easily burn the calories.

  • Consider canned foods as prohibited items:

    Yes! You read it right! From the perspective of reducing the calories consumed, canned foods are indeed banned items! Whatever may be the exact canned food, it invariably has alarmingly high calorie content!

So, you have to decide which of these two you actually want: canned food or weight loss?

  • Keep away from colas and canned juices:

    Cola beverages and canned juices are also culprits that come with an abnormally high calorie count. When you have these drinks, you already take in about 25% of the total calories that you have fixed as your maximum per day limit!

So obviously, even these things have to come under your “banned list”, if you are serious about consuming less number of calories!

  • Do not visit fast food joints:

    It is a universally known fact that fast foods are major hindrances, with regard to weight loss and minimized calorie consumption. If you eat at a fast food joint, you are likely to consume almost 50% of the total calories you need for the day.

The message is clear; forget about fast food!

You now are fully knowledgeable about the dietary tips for calorie reduction. Follow them and be healthy! Do not forget to drop in a few lines on how this article has helped you.

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