Breaking Bad- So Gooood!

I have never found myself looking online for other peoples’ take on anything that comes to the screen- big or small. But I had to find out if this feel of exhilaration, of pure and utter delight at the end of the single most amazing series was apt down to the last of the rolling credits or if it was all in my head.

You’d expect a much faster pace to the season finale of a show of the caliber Breaking Bad alone can boast of. With every character facing their music in their own tone, 55 minutes does NOT seem near enough. With the first five minutes being spent on Walter White stealing a car, the utter and silent calm of the show makes your heart thump even the harder.

The symbolism portrayed in this episode sheds light on nothing more than the transformation of our esteemed cooks. With Jesse going from making wooden boxes back in school, to making the all too well known Blue Meth in the Nazi’s Lab; Walter White going from preparing to blow his brains out all over the desert when supposedly going to get caught (in the pilot) to having an ego and pride so large, it prevented him from pulling the trigger in the last scene.

This last scene, with Walter White in the Nazi’s Meth Lab was the last and most impressive touch this episode had to offer. It shows Walter White admiring his own form of validation and accomplishment strewn across that room. It depicted that the past two years had been nothing short of his most proud and fulfilling; that this entire journey had never ONCE been about his family. Rather, it was to affirm the belief in himself that he was more than a lowly Chemistry teacher in some run-down school, potentially succumbing to his disease.

Although this episode falls a couple notches below “Face Off”, it is the most closure Vince Gilligan could’ve given us “BBians”. With the Gray Matter name working in Walt’s favor, a picture perfect way to help his family out of the predicament he forced them into, the Nazi’s “situation” taken care of and our two Heinous Heroes choosing their own fate, it’s safe to assume that the legacy and tyranny of Heisenberg will always be remembered.

I applaud this series on the sheer magnitude and explosion of awe and wonder Breaking Bad raised and HELD through its five and a half years. A better ending could not be asked for.

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