Breaking Bad- “To Raise Hell”

Father to a crippled son and husband to a pregnant wife, Walter White feels more than cornered when confronted with his newly diagnosed Stage Three Lung Cancer. With nothing to lose but the safety and comfort of his family, this Nobel-Prize Awardee cum Chemistry Teacher finds himself with his own Meth Lab in an RV, accompanied by an ex-student of his, Jesse Pinkman. Struggling to provide for his family in happenstance of his more than probable early demise, White soon realizes that “Playing Nice” will get him nowhere financially and might even end up killing him.

Problems of production and distribution soon crop up. This is the least of their worries, with mobsters deciding they want White and Pinkman out of the picture, keeping their product for themselves. Also, the DEA is close on their tail, finding slip-ups and blunders for clues.

The only series where the fine line between good and evil is thinned down and leaves you wondering who is more to be feared: The cops, Walter White or his alter-ego Heisenberg. Witness the single most incredible example of good transforming to evil, rather than triumphing over it.


Join Heisenberg escape getting killed by mobsters and getting caught by his DEA Agent of a brother-in-law with nothing but his own wit and cunning in the second part to Season 5.


Walter White

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