Bhondu @ MIT: Who should pay the bills?

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Men, are you content to sit by and be leeched of your flnancial resources merely for the pleasure of dating? Have you ever been forced to decide between a new pair of slacks and taking out “that girl in your chemistry class?”

“Women, are you bored and disgusted because you do not have enough dates, or if you do have a desirable number of dates, are you fully satisfied with the activities you indulge in while on your dates?

These and other questions were posed by MIT student Bhondoo during a session of his introductory class.

Bhondoo stated that he felt “It is time for our young men and women to revise their dating customs, to share in the financial responsibilities of modern dating.” He continued, “Our culture has preserved and enforced the same dating traditions as those used by men and women of the 17th century.”

From the 1800’s on it has always been understood and generally unreputed that the man pays for the date, which at the time was quite understandable since the woman had no income and was not considered independent. But along with the birth of the 20th century came the ever – Increasing independence and equality of the modern woman. But still tagging along in this atmosphere of equality is the fact that the man must still carry the entire responsibility of paying for the date.

Bhondoo referred to a survey conducted independently by 10 “Manipal colleges in the summer of 2011 “Which was never published” to stress his firm opposition to the male sex taking the entire flnancial burden of a date.

The survey brought out that the overall percentages of college students having access to their parents wallet was equal in both sexes! “So we see that the equally independent college girl of today has approximately the same Income as the average male student. But what percentage of girls contribute financially toward their dates? Unless the boy and girl have dated for a considerable length of time, are going steady, or are engaged, the percentage is zero!” Bhondoo added in his campaign so near to the hearts and wallets of many.

“Let’s take a brief look at how this system will work. “When asked out, and the girl accepts, the topic of how much she is willing to or can afford to contribute toward the date should be discussed in much the same attitude as deciding where they are going to go. To a degree where they will go will be determined by how much they have to spend.”

“Now I admit that in the beginning it will seem a bit awkward, but then didn’t you feel awkward the first time you asked a girl for a date? But by breaking this barrier weren’t the future rewards and pleasures worth It?”

Bhondoo listed a few advantages of his new system, by splitting the cost of the date the couple may go to more and better places. Secondly, the girls will have active opinions in where they wish to go, and as for the rest the boys can be assured that the girls are going to contribute financially because they want to have a good time.

“Yes, students, boys and girls, young adults, men and women; whatever you wish to call yourselves; It is time to revise our dating traditions to confirm with our modern times,” said Bhondoo.

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