Bhondoo Dreams of the Clown Business!

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My best friend. Raghav, and I always knew we would be rich. I’m talking big bucks, millions and millions of dollars to invest into business. Not just any business venture, either. Our investments had to be carefully planned out. Creatively, original new ventures of our own making, to assure our success in watching our fortunes grow.

One of our first ideas was to invest in a totally new fast food chain. There was already McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Dominos, and many others amassing fortunes. We knew we could follow in their footsteps if only we had the right idea. Then we figured it out. We would open a Chinese Food Drive-through chain, call in Wong in the Box and make our millions into billions.

Quickly enough, our idea was expelled, for neither of us could cook or knew anything about Chinese food except that we both enjoyed eating it. So, the dilemna. what could we invest our imaginary fortune in, to double our investment. What about a drive through pizza place “Sure, these “‘we deliver until three in the morning” places were doing grand, were’nt they”‘ Another idea dumped though, nobody would want to wait 15 or 20 minutes in their cars until the pizza’s were done What to do? What to do with our fortune?

Then we decided to begin a rent-a – clown business We were always clowning around anyway. We knew this had the makings of something big, real big The best part of it all was, we didn’t need our fortune to invest to make it happen. We could buy all the supplies and make-up for a nominal amount and knock door to door to find people with children who would like lo rent a clown for their birthday parties.

We started off spending Rs 500 on supplies and did a whopping first year sales totaling Rs. 3000 Profit, that was all pocket money. We then realized that maybe we would not get rich from renting ourselves out. Why not build a clown house and let the mommys bring their parties to us  and they could leave the mess with us when the party was over. Then we began thinking of how to furnish this wonderful clown house.

We could invest in the nerf business, invest heck, with our millions we could just buy out Mr. Nerf and begin building nerf clown furniture ourselves. Just think of it. a clown house in every city, supplied by our Nerf corporation. We could franchise to all the clowns in the world. What a business. We were sure we had the big one now. Our thousands to millions, our millions to billions, our billions to zillions. What an idea What a fortune! We just couldn’t wait for our first million so we could invest everything into this fabulous idea.

We had our first big business venture, but we knew we could come up with more The next natural step for us was games. We had to come up with a new game everyone would want to enjoy. A new game! That was it. our way to fame and fortune, tripled. The Monopoly Game with the streets changed to emotional crisis . . . no, too serious. Pokeno with real money instead of chips . . . no, too expensive. Maybe we were thinking of the wrong kind of game.

What about the TV game shows? We always knew we could do better than the TV. writers, anyway. Then we knew we had it. Play “Guess Your Wine”” on local channels everywhere. You have to admit, everyone would be smiling. Just as we were at the end of this evening of our fantasies, ” I’m talking big” business ventures.

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