Being the “ENGINEER”


“All the powers in the universe are already ours. It is we who have put our hands before our eyes and cry that it is dark.” – Swami Vivekananda

Follow the heart. Is it really that difficult? In a world marred by selfish interests and extreme interest of one’s owns luxury, we have forgotten the most importance that made us a superior race in the 1st place.
I would like to focus on the lives of engineering students and engineers as to how they contributing a perfect zero to the present day society. Today’s engineers are the most selfish form of living creatures in this planet. Being from the same fraternity, I can confidently say the same. Also having a number of engineers in my family just gives me the necessary proof to back the same.
At a time when they should and must try serving the society, they look at their own comfort. At the time of placements, engineering students never care about the type of job they do, the quality of life they will have or, most importantly the contribution they are making to the modern day world. All they see is the amount of money they are getting for what they are doing. I am pretty sure that if someday there would be a company which would pay a package of Rs 10 lakhs for polishing shoes, they would take the job without second thought. After they get their jobs – some are lucky enough to get a lot of money for no work at all and the rest not so much, it’s mostly ‘my car’, ‘my apartment’, ‘my suits’, ‘my phone’, ‘my camera’ and other things of ‘mine’ which hold utmost importance. And after 6 – 10 of ‘my’, it becomes ‘our’, but the target yet remains the same.
Another classic quality they posses is the distinctive lack of imagination. If thou art an engineer and posses a hatch-batch and thy comrade at work and neighbour buys a sedan, it burns thou beyond measure. And the next thing is you buy one yourself. Engineers form a major chunk of the middle class in India and one that is basically responsible for the condition of the country in a huge way. No voting, no charity, no sense of civic duties – are all embedded in today’s engineers.
I was and still am so amused by the amount of charm a Government Job has for an engineer. I asked a friend why does he think it is so wonderful to get a Government job, he said – “Bhai, bina kaam kiye aaram ki zindagi mil rahi hai, aur kya chaiye” (‘Brother, without working much, I am getting such a comfortable life – what more do you want’)
I mean no disrespect or disregard, but the way in which we are moving is 100% selfish and uncalled for. My advice to the coming generation of engineers is look around you, there is so much good to be done; there is such brilliant things you can achieve. Your one contribution may have the power to change thousands of lives. Infact, you must take pride in the fact that your community is one of the smartest in the world and so are you. Follow your heart, dream big and achieve those dreams. The world looks upto you to bring a change, don’t disappoint. Adios.

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Hi, I am a proud LION, not a SHEEP in the herd. I co-own ADD-on-GYAN Eduvational Services Pvt. Ltd, Manipal University's 1st Student Entrepreneurial Start-up Company. I believe in making my own destiny and I strictly follow my heart. :-)