Basic human attitude-Laziness??

Deprived of writing material in and around manipal , my blog is moving slowly (or rapidly) towards generalisation.Well , I should not say that material is not there.The problem is probably with my already less creativity which has decreased even more due to heavy study load.Anyway, finally after a gap of few weeks, I again happened to have an intellectual disccussion with my room mate.The topic was basic human attitude and the inference was that it is very much inclined towards comfort or to make it even appropriate ‘laziness’.People having less work both physically and mentally are almost the same tired at the end of the day as their extremely busy counterpart.

Again the triggering point was our own experienes and their comparisons.Iwould share my personal and fairly recent experience.When I used to sleep 6 or lesser hours with 3 hours of sports and a good amount of study, I used to feel more energetic than currently where I am sleeping more than 8 hours and not having any physical activity with teh same amount of study.Today afternoon he was having extremely delicious and food ‘Khakhara’ with high quality ‘ghee’ on it.And even though hungry , I was so lazy to even get out of my bed!!I could’t believe that a food lover like me can be so ignorent of ‘Khakhara’ just for sake of rest!!
Anyway ultimate inference was try not to sleep more than 6 to 7hours be cause sleep after that follows positive feedback mechanism.The more you sleep more you feel like sleeping!!

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