Society from the Helicopter’s View

With regard to the direction of the modern day society, here are a few words I decided to pen down. It is a debatable topic, and of course, your views are invited.
Despite having all the materialistic things that are required for the well-being of a man, the net worth of it all comes down to nothing if he does not have his mind in the right place. One may have all the monetary and financial support that he requires to come up in life. But without the proper nurturing of the mind, the end result takes a different course all together. An incomplete or incompetent social circle, a broken family, an unstable state of mind, a sorrowful childhood, and other such causes may cause even the man with the greatest potential to plummet down into nothingness.
But still, despite all the rubbish
that may be heaved upon the unfortunate sufferer, he/she may be revived, and may still reach his/her peak, only if the right guidance exists. It may not be an external guidance. But it may be the internal push. It can be the urge from within to get up, gather the courage and strength, and keep moving. For it does not take any effort to lay down where you got knocked out. It is great in itself to revive your senses, use the power of logical deduction of what is to be done, and keep moving.
Let me approach all the possible problems at once. As can be seen, any source that may drag one’s performance levels down has to do with people, and society. One may have had a hard time growing up in his/her home. Or perhaps one has not made any good friends in life. So to speak, it also may have been that a good relation has turned bad. All the factors affect the mind of a weak man, and affect his/her life. And all the factors have one common feature. Needless to mention, it is people.
If one wishes to take a break from it all and rejuvenate him/herself, the one advice that can guarantee his/her rejuvenation is “Get away from people!”
Let’s face it. The only way a person could be maligned, is by the wrong interaction with other people. Words of people could moralize a person to make him rise out of the deepest depths. All the same, those very words could demoralize a man, to such an extent as to drag him of his high position in life, and put him on the streets. People do not seem to realize how deeply they can affect one another’s lives. By simple words or acts of kindness, a man can be uplifted that he may perform tasks he would never have thought possible. But sadly, we live in a selfish society. Every man or woman must satisfy their own needs first. This is a very valid statement. It is true that one must look after one’s self first. But if one could spare a little bit of consideration for a fellow being, the world would be different. Once again, it is not being said that no one in this world is a fair hearted fellow. Such elevated people who see through the fog of selfishness, materialism, and immaturity may exist. But they are few and far. We live in a society where people have the crude tendency of fighting like animals over things that do not even deserve the least bit of attention.
But of course! That is the issue. How many people “think” before they act? Those who do may proudly stand out as an exception to the mass majority of people who mindlessly perform actions without even trying to be pro-active.
The technological development of man may appear very promising. But it means nothing to have a high-tech gadget if one has the understanding of a senseless moron. Similarly, we must see the fact that despite us getting more and more tech savvy, our morals, and common sense has spiralled down to an alarming depth. It is ridiculous to see a group of learned men trample over each other, and elbow one another instead of standing in a line, which may help the entire system be more organized. It is stupid to see an expensive and high end car driving down the freeway, only to tell you that there is an inconsiderate maniac who is ignorant to general traffic rules inside the very car.
In the end however, it is no one’s fault. It is just the course of learning. Only if one meets another person like him/her, and gets a taste of the mindlessness that one indulges in, will he/she truly understand the meaning and importance that exists in living a pro-active life. We can only hope that society doesn’t crumble before there are enough learned and pro-active people who can guide society along the right path, and somehow avoid the seemingly inevitable self-destruction of mankind.


  1. Sailendra, that is an interesting piece of writing. The social nature of man, makes him yearn for the acceptance of other fellow human beings. The rise of technology is cutting down that interaction, which is most essential for the growth of human thought and culture. Without the social interaction, we may well be returning to the stone ages, when distances separated people from interacting. It was the physical distance then, It is the mental distance now!!

  2. Thank you, and I'm terribly sorry about the late reply sir. I totally agree with the fact that one does yearn much nowadays for social acceptance. But could that be the reason why one ends up trying too hard, and neglects the lighter yet essential aspects of interaction? Resulting in broad minds narrowing down perhaps? But nevertheless, physically, distance is no longer an issue, but indeed sir, it is the mental distance!

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