Barbados – Dream Destination for Retirement?

Barbados is yet another place that holds plenty of promise as a destination for retirement. Anyone choosing to retire here is assured of a good life in more ways than one. On the one hand you have the marvelous scenery and mellow climate.

It may come as news to you that more than 5,000 Britons are already enjoying the benefits of retired life in Barbados. The scope of the place is simply limitless. Let’s see what we’ve got – wonderful weather, beautiful beaches, clear water and a clean environment – and all the benefits of modern conveniences.

All of this may sound rather incredible coming as it does like a sort of package deal, but it’s true enough all right. Imagine that you can have this wonderful environment, the pleasures of a leisurely lifestyle, the advantages of modernization – and a whole lot more.

In Barbados, you will even find that you can get domestic help – full time cooks, gardeners and housekeepers, who will take the pressure of work off your shoulders and make it that much more possible for you to enjoy a stress free life. And speaking of cooks, even the food – particularly the seafood – is wonderful.

You will surely love the many traditional delicacies as well as the simple goodness of fresh fruits and vegetables, in such a stimulating environment.

Barbados can give you just about anything you want. Apart from everything we’ve already seen, you’ll also find the local people warm and friendly, and traditionally polite. That’s just the way they are with strangers. They are always ready to stop whatever they may be doing just to help you.

These are people who seem to be naturally hospitable, respectful of people in general and yet they are ready to live life to the fullest. They will certainly make you feel welcome.

You’ll find that the cost of living in Barbados is fairly low, while at the same time the standard of living is high. Rather an attractive combination! As a result, you’ll be able to live in style. And let’s not forget health care, which will be particularly important to you as a retired person. Good news once again! Healthcare in Barbados is of a very high standard, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about, should you need treatment.

And don’t forget there’s more fun thrown in. Remember what we said about modern conveniences…. You’ve got it! All the luxury and leisure is about to get that much more intoxicating when you find that you can also use the Internet, avail of duty free shopping and attend concerts, visit museums etc. etc.

If what you’ve heard so far has got you dazzled, be prepared – it’s not over yet! Because in Barbados, it is possible to avoid paying taxes when you acquire property – and the best part is that all this is perfectly legal and above board.

As an expatriate, you’ll be required to pay less than a local. What’s more, when you sell your property, you do not have to pay capital gains tax. There are many Britons who are minting money, buying and selling different kinds of property in Barbados.

While it’s generally true that retirement is associated with advancing age. That’s the time when you can put your feet up and avail of all the marvelous facilities that Barbados has to offer. But is that strictly true? Do you really have to wait till you retire?

If you like what you’ve been hearing, maybe you can go for it a lot sooner than you planned. Go ahead, make your choice and live out your dream!!

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