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Lover’s Quarrel

Returning from his office at 6, he found the house silent. Yet, he could sense her presence in the house . The atmosphere inside the home was dull, perhaps the result of the early morning fight ,  prior to his

Weighing up

Manipal’s Biggest Loser

Two teachers at Manipal‘s Kasturba Medical College have turned their desire to lose weight into a school-wide game among the faculty based on a popular  reality program “The Biggest Loser.” The contest is now in its third season for the

A personal Hell
Art & Literature

My Own Personal Hell

In the Renaissance, Hell was seen as a physical place. Humanist author Dante Alighieri wrote about Hell in Inferno, the first part of his Divine Comedy. He describes Hell as a literal pit in the center of the earth, with

Seat Belts Save Lives

The Life You Save

Many motorists take out the greatest amount of auto insurance possible; yet they overlook the most advantageous but cheapest insurance on the market— seat belts. “Automobile seat belts have been in existence for many years, but only recently have safety