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Home, Diwali and Hostel

Diwali has a strong homecoming tradition associated with it and most of us like to celebrate the ‘festival of lights’ with our families, celebrating customs and gorging on homemade delights. But given our current situations, not all can go back

Slave to time.

My Thoughts on Time

Why are we always in a hurry and why are we always late? We move through are formulaic lives day after day devoting time to specific activities but we never consider external factors such as delays, emergencies and at times


Coaching Centres – A Necessary Evil?

Millions of Indian students enroll in coaching centers every year to prepare for admission in élite institutions such as IITs and IIMs. Coaching centers are necessary in our education system to fill the gap between school level education and college entrance examination syllabus. While necessary, over time, coaching centers have turned into exploitative businesses and the poor face the worst of this. Utsav writes.


Long Strides – Historic Trump – Kim Meeting Set

Recent developments have led us to scratch our heads over what is going on in the North Korean patriarch’s head. The much anticipatd meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un is about to take place on 12 June. What happens in the would-be historic meet is to be seen but just the fact that such a meeting is taking place is a major step forward towards world peace.