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Celebrating Diwali Away from Home

Diwali has a strong homecoming tradition associated with it and most of us like to celebrate the ‘festival of lights’ with our families, celebrating customs and gorging on homemade delights. But given our current situations, not all can go back home, instead, we celebrate Diwali in our campus, in our hostels, with our new extended families of friends.


We try to create that special ‘home feeling’ in our rooms, cleaning it and decking it all up and lighting it with fairy lights, with two diyas outside being an absolute must.
But first and foremost we look upon at this auspicious day as a day to sleep a little longer. Not attending the 8:00 am class being the best. The mess is also a little kind on this special day, serving us something special than the everyday regulars.
Students put on their best of ethnic and snap at least a hundred pictures, creating memories to be cherished throughout.
With the blessing of technology, we video call back home and get all emotional and exchange wishes and receive blessings with a slight hope of making it through the end semesters with it.
Thus with all the emotional tides Diwali comes to an end, giving us really ‘lit’ moments as the festival is.

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