'ek ghanta' by kartik sadvij 1

‘Ek Ghanta’ By Kartik Sadvij

On April 1, Kartik Sadjiv disappointed Manipalites. His friends and fans were truely disheartened by him. You ask why? It was because he pranked them by spreading a fake news that Russell Peters is coming to Manipal! Now, what could

Traditional super-foods: peanuts and jaggery 2
Food & Restaurants

Traditional Super-foods: Peanuts and Jaggery

Have you ever wondered what our forefathers snacked on when there were no chips and chocolates? If yes, then stay tuned for this ManipalBlog series which aims at enlightening you with facts about traditional Indian snacks and their health benefits. In this post we shall learn about how peanuts and jaggery have been in use as ingredients in nutritious Indian snacks.

Climate refugees 3

Climate Refugees

For several years, humans have kept themselves moving from one place to another in search of better living conditions. Migration for the attainment of better lifestyle and better opportunities is what is persistent till now but have you heard about