Azionare 2020: Bale Gobbuga

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“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Sports is an integral part of an individual’s life. It not only boosts metabolism but also encourages team spirit, mental health and ortho-muscular coordination. The Centre for Sports Science, Medicine and Research and Sports Council, MAHE organised a fund raiser event called ‘Azionare’ on 2nd February with the season title of ‘Bale Gobbuga’. This event which occurs annually is a student run event organised by the students of Manipal College of Health Professionals (MCHP).

Azionare had 15 thrilling games like Limbo, Junk in the Trunk, Dog and the bone, Bunny hop, Dodge ball, Tug of War, Merry go around, Lagori, Bear Crawl, Andhadun and Tic Tac Go. The games had a participation of over 1000 students and teachers from MAHE. The games were reasonably priced and aimed at exercise of different body parts. Some of the games required teams. Apart from these games, the event also had a Treasure Hunt which had a participation of over 20 teams across MAHE. The winners of these games were awarded with sports equipment. 

The chief guest of Azionare was Dr. Vinod Nayak, Secretary, Sports Council, MAHE. The students had done a thorough research before organising this event. They had inquired the schools of Manipal about the requirement of their sports equipment.  The event this year currently aimed at donating sports facilities to TMA Pai High School and Kalyani School. These two schools are receiving sports equipment from the funds collected in the event.

Apart from this, the Centre for Sports Science, Medicine and Research conducted a fitness assessment camp. Factors like aerobic fitness, muscular endurance and flexibility were tested. Free exercise prescriptions were also given based on the recommended guidelines. 

Azionare was a fun filled evening with many students and teachers playing games that made them nostalgic about their childhood. Hope the students of TMA Pai High school and Kalyani School make maximum benefits of the sports equipment offered. The event not only was a fund raiser but also focused on the necessity and importance of sports in an individual’s life.

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Venaktesh Prasad

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