Article 19 – Pallete of Design hold Fun Fair

Article 19 - POD
The awesome painting in the quadrangle by members of POD

The club members of Palette of Design (POD), of School of Communication (SOC) today threw the college quadrangle open for the ‘fun fair’ organized as part of Article 19, a media fest. The quadrangle painting which largely follows the theme of the media fest – “Blame it on the pop” being this years theme as Pop culture envelops all that is in trend today looked colorful with the marvel comic character Deadpool to the adored Pokémon Pikachu. The students have created many merged characters including a blend of Baymax of the Big Hero 6 fame and the DC Comic, Batman; Hitman the professional assassin with a snitch from the game of Quidditch in the world of Harry Potter, as his head; Marlon Brando, playing the role of Godfather, the trilogy based on the work of Mario Puzo -seated on the Iron throne of the popular books and TV show, Game of Thrones; the Beatle band members with bodies of real beetles and many more. The creative bunch of students have portrayed these pop icons with their own creative additions. The quadrangle embodies the theme laying emphasis on the raving popular culture in the fields of music, the film industry, cartoons, and many more

Prahlad Kakkar, the renowned Ad film director who saw students painting the quadrangle was excited about the concept. “Amazing! It is very well thought out and nicely done,” he said.

“The quadrangle painting is truly amazing. I loved it. It is vibrant and it reflects the mindset of the SOCians,” said Dr.Nandini Lakshmikantha, Director, SOC.

Article 19 - POD
The awesome painting in the quadrangle by members of POD as part of Article 19 media fest.

Faculty In charge says that The most important fact about this quadrangle painting is that it’s an annual culture of POD (Palette of Design-the official creative club of SOC) to do a team work consisting of more than twenty artists, working together day and night within the limitation of time, without missing the regular classes. The painting is a massive art work that reflects the mood and energy of SOC for the rest of the year. The guests, professionals and parent who come to SOC make sure of taking the photograph at the quadrangle and enjoys the visual treat presented. An ideal team work and a great imagination and experimentation exercise.

A total of 20 candidates participated and painted, who include, Rakshita B, Isha G, Manthan B, Shivang S, Rucha G, Pranay J A, Shreya M, Nayan A, Pawani P, Nishmitha B, Safah S, Ronita TC, Anshu D, Prakhar A, King, Sahaj G, Akshay K, Aditya N, Whitney and Clifford.

The Team wish to thank Article 19 Team, faculty members, staff, Director, Associate Director, Dr Padmarani and the management for the support and encouragement.

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