Are We There Yet?

A dream called India was born on this day 60 years ago with a vision that had evolved in over a century of a national movement, perhaps, the biggest upheaval in world heritage history. Over the past 60 years this dream has evolved through the trauma of partition, the communal holocaust that followed and the various other internal and external conflicts that arose.

Selig.S.Harrison, an American Scholar of the 60’s had declared that “The odds are almost wholly against the survival of freedom and the issue is, in fact, whether the Indian state can survive at all.” How wrong he has been proved! The Indian state for all its shortcomings and the various trials and tribulations has held together and ironically it is its neighbour that is falling apart.

The India of today has shed its old worn out skin and is pressing ahead at a tremendous rate. The vision to achieve a sovereign,democratic, secular and equitous society is still a dream, but, at 60, we are just beginning our show. Gandhi is just a blurred image for the youth of today, kept alive by the Paper Gandhis circulated by the Reserve Bank of India and by a few movies created by the booming Indian film Industry.

At 60, independent,secular and pluralistic India finds itself, by any objective yardstick, stronger than it was at 50. The generation that had fought our freedom struggle has faded away and the present generation, unburdened by its past is ready to take India to its anointed place among the Superpowers of the world.

Rising India is a work in progress.

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