Its a plethora of Apps around me now. That’s scary!
I remember how I used to get up in the morning, no tension, no  reminders and no questions asked; but today, even as I open my eyes, the first thing I see is my mobile reminding me of someone’s birthday, so the first thing I do before coffee is …..Google up a birthday wish and post it…….
Is that the only thing I need to worry about? Surely not!
Every day I get a zillion notifications about everything from football to God knows what and by the time I get over with these, something else ‘pings up. And it’s not just Facebook.
The other day I lost direction driving from the Dubai Outlet Mall, and bazinga! turns out that I have an inbuilt GPS with a speaker which sounds like Britney. Come-on man! Is there any thing that is free from the App World?
It’s amazing how a person’s status is connected to the phone he/she uses. Recently, I was forced to abandon my lovable Nokia for a Blackberry…. now I am like the new guy in town!
Suddenly everyone wants my PIN and when I tell them that the service has not yet been activated they actually say the word ‘Loser’.
My friend’s daughter (she is just 10) actually guided my fingers on how to use the BB. After a while, she took the phone away for checking and came up with a list of apps that I didn’t have and reasons as to why I should have bought a different phone!
Maybe in the near future there would be love stories that began with a poke or exchange of  PIN but wait a minute, the age of BB is already over. Its all Android now, right?
I hate to be a party pooper but anyone who has seen the movie Jurassic Park will not depend on automation so much…things just get out of  control. Don’t they? Or the movie where a robot kills it’s maker…I Robot.
I miss the good old times when things were much simpler. When the phone was just a phone, not a reminder of my mom nagging me .
P.S.- The fruit Blackberry tastes eew! I prefer Strawberry.
About the author: Deepak Kalappat is a Travel Consultant based in Dubai.
Edited by: Vyom Agarwal
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