Animania 2- Detective Academy Q

Murders, kidnapping and crimes of illusion are all that interest young Kyu Renjo and his friends in Q Class at Dan Detective School (DDS). The story hits off simple enough with Kyu and his classmates witnessing and solving murders and crimes much too gruesome to imagine. Using “Deductive Reasoning” (as Sherlock fans would put it) they manage to put together clues one would normally miss for nothing more than coincidence and nab culprits by the dozen.

However, things take an ugly turn with the resurfacing of a Criminal Organization by the name “Pluto” headed by their leader “King Hades”. Pluto specializes in devising methods by which people can commit crimes and giving them means to carry out these devious deeds, without dirtying their own hands. Their goal is to merely assist those that choose to commit some crime out of some reason or the other, be it revenge, passion or something else entirely. What makes this organization truly fearsome is the lengths it goes, to ensure its anonymity: their clients are hypnotized to commit suicide or otherwise in the off-chance that they end up getting caught.

This is the only show I have watched till date that makes you feel like you’re solving the crimes for yourself. Kyu, Ryu, Meg, Kazuma and Kinta solve crime after crime till they dig up secrets of their own that will no doubt make you ACHE for a second season to come out. Expect twists. Anticipate stomach-lurching. And enjoy every minute of this more-than-unique show.

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